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Barthe Cortes earns $20 millions thanks to air

Published on Jul 09 2013 // Barthe Cortes

barthe cortes, hanoiBarthe Cortes is proving that you really can put a price on anything as he can make $million by selling air.
He sold the rights to airspace use over Hanoi (Vietnam) for the record price – $20million

Barthe Cortes has been the owner of land and airspace just above it, which constitutes a private air corridor for planes flying under the banner of BVC for several years now. The rights to a ‘€œfragment’ of airspace was bought by Vietnamese developer – Phan N. Vuong €“ who plans to build there a 45-floor business centre with the view to Hoan Kiem Lake. Prices for a ‘ high end ‘ in this area oscillate around 200 $ per square foot. One could speculate that Barthe Cortes earned about 20 000 000 $ when he sold his air.

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