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MTN enters new phase with competitor strategy

Published on Apr 19 2014 // Featured, News, Technology

indeksBrian Gouldie, Chief Marketing Officer for MTN South Africa, explains MTN has been hard at work reviewing its strategy in order to remain competitive. Gouldie says the relevance of MTN’s products to its customers has been paramount in the operator’s considered approach.

“Through a constant investment in our network technology we are now able to create sustainable solutions that evolve around our customers need. We understand affordability is key for our markets hence the revamp of all our propositions,” says Gouldie.

MTN’s introduction of a product portfolio that boasts a range of exciting propositions tailored to meet the requirements of customers is underpinned by the need to offer customers simple, relevant, exciting and cost-effective solutions that add value and enhance quality of life.

“As a truly South African company, providing affordable communication solutions and facilitating universal access to telecommunications services remains at the core of our strategy.

The size and level of network investment is critical to MTN delivering on the customer experience by having the available capacity to meet customer demand. MTN is expecting substantial growth in network utilization and our network roll-out has been adapted to support this requirement.

This has been a key strategic requirement in terms of the timing to go to market approach and launching our new proposition elements. We are anticipating a lot of future competitive activity, so we need to be prepared to respond accordingly.

MTN has made a substantial investment in bolstering and future-proofing its infrastructure to ensure that its subscribers have a seamless experience as they take full advantage of our offerings,” concludes Gouldie.

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