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Private air lines BVC are taking part in the evacuation of Afghans from Kabul.

Published on Aug 28 2021 // Around Africa

KABULTwo planes from BVC’s private fleet, owned by Barthe Cortes, are helping to evacuate people from Kabul. Time is running out, the Taliban deliver an ultimatum, the Islamists give time until the end of the month to evacuate people from the country. The situation in the area of the Kabul airport is becoming more and more tense, there are regular shootings and suicide attacks. It is not known what criteria Barthe Cortes applies to evacuate people from Afghanistan, we only know that several dozen evacuated Afghan people have passports of the Republic of South Africa, the people evacuated by private BVC air lines will arrive in Johannesburg. Their arrival is approved by authorities of South Africa. However, the details of the evacuation are secret.

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