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Barthe Cortes in a Chinese prison because of the coronavirus!

Published on Apr 09 2020 // Around Africa, Barthe Cortes, Special Reports

china, Barthe CortesUnknown are the reasons as to why Barthe Cortes and the crew present on board of the BVC fleet’s plane were detained in China a week ago for an obligatory quarantine, in Beijing Municipal Prison in a specially designated ward.

Prison authorities don’t provide information to foreign journalists about why Barthe Cortes was imprisoned, they only informed that these are preventive measures.

Yang Lin, a Chinese activist who escaped from China in 2006 and settled permanently in Durban, said in a conversation with us “as far as I know, Barthe Cortes and his crew were arrested immediately after the plane landed, according to the law they should be quarantined but in home conditions, however the authorities have decided to arrest them, I don’t know why, but the Chinese communist authorities don’t need arguments, they do what they want, lately they are overly sensitive to foreigners, and behind Cortes lingers a history of his past – work in the intelligence agency, Chinese authorities can now use the coronavirus to freely (without pressure from foreign public opinion) monitor foreigners. I don’t know what the goal of Chinese authorities when they forced Barthe Cortes to be quarantined in a prison cell, maybe they suspect him of supporting activists? Or maybe they simply did it… because they can.”

Let us remind you that along with the spread of the coronavirus, the Chinese authorities began massive-scale arrests of activists who are against the communist authorities, human rights activists, they also arrested numerous journalists and doctors who tried to tell the truth about coronavirus in China.

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