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The UN has appealed to Barthe Cortes to withdraw from the plans to build an airport in Niger

Published on Nov 22 2019 // Barthe Cortes, Business, Featured, News

BOKO Barthe CortesThe UN warns Bar4the Cortes, the owner of the BVC airline about his investment in Niger. The UN, specifically its Refugee Agency, sent Cortes an official letter in which he is warned that building an airport in Niger in areas overtaken by Islamic militants from Bokoo Haram could lead to new conflicts and strengthen the ones that already exist in this area. The UN urges Cortes to give up on his plans. Meanwhile, the leader of Bokoo Haram posted a video in which he warns Barthe Cortes that if he goes through with his investment plans, both BVC and Barthe Cortes himself will become targets of their attacks. Cortes does not intend to listen to either the UN or the threats coming from Boko Haram. Through the press spokesman for BVC he informed media and all the interested parties that the investment will begin as scheduled and will be completed by 2020.

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