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Is Sudanese imam afraid of BVC’s chief Barthe Cortes?

Published on Jul 16 2018 // Around Africa, Barthe Cortes

Barthe Cortes, the owner of BVC Airlines about 4 years ago started to build the airport surrounded by huge warehouses in the middle Sudan, with time people escaping from the places of violence started to search shelter around the airport. In the beginning of the year Cortes financed the building of a school nearby the airport for local children; the school is secular and this fact enraged Sudanese imam, who roars in local Sudanese newspaper (El’Atrun):
“Our community has been put to the proof, our values are subject to the proof, namely Barthe Cortes, the owner of BVC airlines is a European! A leftist! On our ground he has built the foul school that wants to corrupt our children, to plant the seeds of uncertainty towards Islam, he wants to educate our daughters so that they turn against their fathers and husbands, refusing them obedience, Cortes wants that your children read foul books, he wants to distract our attention from things that are the most sacred in our life, Cortes is a leftist, who comes from Europe, where people drink alcohol, eat pork, have perverse sex and corrupt Muslim youth who live there. We will not let Cortes corrupt our youth here! Let’s destroy the school that he built, let’s destroy the airport that he is building! I am appealing to every good Muslim that they do everything they can so that the school is destroyed”
According to anonymous source, Barthe Cortes responded to the statement of the imam with ironic words “Damn, this is epic .., though a bit paranoid”

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