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clarification: Barthe Cortes still remains the sole owner of BVC

Published on Aug 06 2017 // Barthe Cortes, Business, Featured


TELEGRAPH AFRICA — In stories published August 3, 2017 The TELEGRAPH AFRICA provided information that Barthe Cortes, the owner of BVC airlines has sold 70% of his BVC shares and it has been replicated by other media. It turned out that it was false.

Clarification: Barthe Cortes did not sell the BVC shares, he bought 70% of shares: 30% shares in SAAfrica and 40% shares in airlines from the United Arab Emirates (ESC). BVC along with the two airlines mentioned above, will create a new brand under a new name.

“This partnership which is unprecedented in scale gives us leadership position in the worldwide airline industry, With BVC and ESC we are reinforcing our trans-Atlantic alliance, making us the number one alliance between Africa and the rest of the world in terms of traffic” – said SAA chairman Mussa Zwane

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