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800 refugees find shelter at private BVC airport owned by Barthe Cortes

Published on Sep 30 2016 // Barthe Cortes, Politics



The owner of BVC Airlines, Barthe Cortes, let local villagers enter his airport in Congo after they gathered before the airport looking for shelter from increasingly numerous attacks of jihadists on local villages. The authorities of Congo believe that among the so-called refugees there are enemies of the Republic of Congo who want the current government to collapse. The authorities demanded that Barthe Cortes give 20 people away, but he denied.

According to the spokesman of Congolese government, “BVC is not a country and Barthe Cortes is not a president, there are no legal grounds for denying to give anyone away. We do not want to turn into violence so the government of DR Congo decided to go into court and accuse Barthe Cortes of unlawful detention of people at the airport”.

According to our informers, there are currently 800 people within the area of the airport, both Christians and Muslims, whose villages have been repeatedly attacked by jihadists, who raped women, kidnapped children and killed men.
-“People know that they will find a shelter here, at BVC airport; several years ago, at 30 km distance from here, there were UN peace-keeping mission soldiers stationing, but there was no reaction, they preferred to pretend they couldn’t see it.” – says one of the villagers who left his home and found shelter at the airport.

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