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Egypt MP ridiculed for proposing college virginity tests

Published on Sep 30 2016 // Around Africa, News

f7e5e76a5036474297d4f43d9ae59054An Egyptian member of parliament is facing ridicule for saying that universities should perform virginity tests on female students.

Ilhamy Agina reportedly told an Egyptian newspaper on Thursday that virginity should be a prerequisite for admission to university.

He argued that it would help to end the practice of unregistered “customary” marriages that appeal to Egyptian youths who cannot afford formal weddings.

“Any girl who enters university must be examined to prove she is a maiden,” Agina reportedly told the Youm 7 newspaper.

His comments sparked derision on social media.

“Didn’t I tell you the bottom is still far, and worse is to come?” rights lawyer and dissident Gamal Eid wrote on Twitter.

“We have a member of parliament obsessed with sex,” wrote liberal dissident and journalist Khaled Dawoud.

‘I did not make a demand, I made a suggestion’

Agina told AFP on Friday his remarks had been misinterpreted and that he has decided to boycott the media.

“People have been attacking me since yesterday and they’re upset and such. I’ve decided not to deal with the media,” he said.


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