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Deadly Clashes in New South Sudan State Heighten Tensions

Published on May 11 2016 // Around Africa, Featured, News

cJUBA, SOUTH SUDAN—Tensions remain high in Jubek state’s Mangala County, or what had been called Central Equatoria state, after an armed group attacked the area in South Sudan during a celebration of the new county government, leaving three soldiers and a woman dead.

Authorities from Jubek state and Terkeka state offered different accounts of who was responsible for Saturday’s attack.

Mangala County Commissioner Elario Paul Pataki said four people were killed, seven others wounded, and more than 800 people displaced after an armed tribal group that opposes annexation of the area to Jubek state attacked Mangala. He said those who fled their homes needed help.

“Up to now they are still living in fear. They think that if they return, maybe there will be another attack,” the commissioner said.

The old flags of Jemeza County and Terkeka state in Mangala County were being lowered when the armed youths launched their attack, according to Pataki.

But Modi Lomindi, the information minister of Terkeka state, said the armed youths from Terkeka were acting in self-defense after they were attacked by government forces. Lomindi said authorities of Terkeka were not informed about plans to hoist new flags in the county.

“What happened in Mangala was, first of all, uncalled for. And we, as the government of Terkeka state, we were not aware of the goings-on of the commissioner of Mangala County, Jubek state. The authorities, particularly local chiefs and the ministers and others, we were not all aware as brothers and sisters in two states.” read more>>

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