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Conflicts in Burundi, South Sudan Dominate AU Summit

Published on Jan 30 2016 // Featured, News, Politics

ffADDIS ABABA—African heads of state are expected to address some of the most pressing violent conflicts on the continent, such as Burundi and South Sudan. They are meeting in Addis Ababa for two days at African Union headquarters.

Despite its theme of human rights, with a particular focus on women, this African Union summit is once again focused on security issues. With 17 African countries holding elections this year, the consequences of leaders clinging to power is also frequently discussed.

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, the outgoing chairperson of the African Union assembly, has been in power since 1987. He said he was not impressed by those who criticize leaders with long office terms.

“You have been in power for too long, you must now allow another body also to take over. Is that democracy? And that was coming from Europe. Tell them to shut their mouths,” he said.

Burundi, South Sudan, and terrorism are the security issues topping the agenda of the African Union Summit.

Burundi violence

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