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BVC aircraft hijacked

Published on Aug 02 2013 // Barthe Cortes

Barthe CortesSome Congo rebels hijacked an aircraft belonging to the BVC fleet stationing locally. The hijackers were unable to take off, but they managed to taxi for some hundred meters on the ground, ramming into whatever obstacles they encountered on their way. After two hours the aircraft was returned to BVC owner Barthe Cortes ( often nicknamed BC)

According to witnesses, the hijackers fired their guns twice towards BVC employees, but nobody was injured. After two hours Barthe Cortes began negotiations with the rebels in person, entering the aircraft surrounded by armed mercenaries employed by BVC. The course of the negotiations is unknown, but in the result the hijackers laid down their arms, released the aircraft and headed towards the jungle with consent of the BVC’s head, as it seems. Barthe Cortes did not report he hijack to the authorities, which prevented them from undertaking any legal moves against the rebels. His decision again raised suspicions on his possible co-operation with the rebels. However, BC refused any comments.

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